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The Professional Massage Academy offers the following classes in our curriculum.



Medical terminology

21 Hours

Students will learn basic word structure as it relates to medical terms and medical literature. The class will also focus on organization of body systems, pre-fixes, and suffixes of medical terms. The course will end with discussion of medical specialties and case reports. Memorization and study time out of class will be required to pass this course.

Complete Body Massage

80 hours plus 20 clinical hours

This Swedish Massage course introduces and emphasizes core concepts in massage therapy including massage history and theory, basic nutrition, hydrotherapy, CPR and first aid. Practical components of training emphasize the fifty-minute full-body Swedish Massage sequences and four basic Swedish Massage strokes: effleurage, petrissage, friction, percussion and several variations of each. Proper body position and biomechanics are well integrated into the actual practice of massage. Selection of a massage table is also discussed. Basic anatomy of the integumentary, muscular and skeletal systems are also reviewed.Students end this course very proficient in basic techniques and able to confidently administer a fifty-minute Swedish Massage in a spa, clinic, or other professional business environments. 

Anatomy, physiology and pathology

70 hours

This course introduces students to anatomy, physiology, and pathology related to the body systems. This includes, the orientation to the human body as a whole (anatomy and physiology of cells and tissues), support and movement (skin and musculoskeletal systems), communication control and integration (sense organs, nervous and endocrine systems), transportation and defense (cardiovascular, lymphatic and immune systems) respiration nutrition and excretion (respiratory, digestive and urinary systems), and reproduction and development (male and female reproductive systems genetics and heredity).  Students conclude this module with an understanding and appreciation for the core systems that contribute to the structure and function of the human body. Memorization and study time outside of class will be required to pass this class. 

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47 hours

Students gain an introductory foundation in Kinesiology including agonist and antagonist relationships of muscle and the concept of synergistic muscular action. Contraindications to the application of massage therapy are examined and discussed in detail, including endangerment areas and medications adverse to massage. Basic pathological processes are examine at the cellular and whole body levels. The inflammation reaction is discussed and related to the formation of trigger points and tight patterns of musculature. Common disease conditions of the skin, internal organs, and all body systems relevant to massage therapy are examined. Different vectors of contamination and production of disease are looked at from a holistic perspective. Special populations are considered. Students gain an appreciation for the healing process and beneficial effects of massage.  

Specialized Massage Topics

40 hours plus 20 clinical hours

This course is designed as in introduction to eastern theory/modalities as well as other specialized topics that relate to the massage therapy field. During this course we will discuss and apply Reflexology, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage and, Myofascial Release.

Advanced techniques

35 hours plus 20 clinical hours

This course gives students an introduction into Prenatal and Hot Stone Modalities. The application of hot and room temperature stones as an adjunction to massage therapy has become popular as a method to enhance Swedish, Deep Tissue or other forms of massage. Students learn the indications and contraindications to applying heated stones in particular patterns. Prenatal massage is the study and application of specific massage therapy techniques designed to assist and benefit a woman at various stages during her pregnancy. Common conditions and complications such as low-back pain, varicosities, morning sickness, etc., are discussed and considered. Special emphasis is placed upon draping techniques and client comfort. Students finish this course with an appreciation for the process and changes that occur during pregnancy and understand the indications and contraindications for performing massage therapy upon a pregnant woman during her first, second, and third trimesters prior to deliver.

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Deep Tissue Therapy

90 hours plus 20 clinical hours

An in-depth study of deep tissue techniques and introduction to the use of knuckles, elbows and thumbs to apply directed, increased pressure as needed. Various similar forms of deep-tissue therapy are discussed and evaluated. Students are taught elements of a ten-session program of body assessment and Myofascial Release, emphasizing postural changes and integration of proper movement patterns. Deep Tissue as applied in a spa environment is emphasized and students end this module confident in the integration and application of deep tissue massage techniques in conjunction with Swedish Massage. 

Sports Massage

40 hours plus 20 clinical hours

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to using massage in the context of sports massage. The course will present the types, purpose, benefits, and techniques commonly used in a sport massage atmosphere. The course will also discuss treatment of athletes participating in different sports, the aspects of sports events and, treating sports related injuries. This course offers an introduction information only and does not offer a certification for students to practice these types of modalities.

Business, Ethics and, Law

25 hours

Basic training in proper goal settings, ethical marketing, and client record keeping is covered in this module. Students are taught the importance of obtaining and maintaining credentials, adhering to laws and regulations, ethical principals, standards of ethical practice, and city/state guidelines. Students acquire a quick overview of skills needed to begin and promote a successful massage practice in the spa, clinic, and other professional business environments. Students end this module with a good grasp of skills needed to function well in a spa environment and begin and promote a successful massage therapy practice. 

CPR/First Aid

4 hours

Students will participate in CPR and First Aid certification, as requirement for graduation.