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Mission Statement

We strive to educate and inspire competent, compassionate, confident therapists who positively impact the community. We pledge unwavering dedication to excellence in education, ethics, professionalism, and Massage Industry.

The Professional Massage Academy 2018

Minnesota is an active and vital region in our country; with health care being a leading industry. We found that there was a great need for a program that would fit into all kinds of different lives all across Minnesota. We heard from many in the Northeast, South Central and the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota requesting some sort of an online option. We are proud to announce that as of 2019, we have now begun offering our Online Massage Therapy Program. You receive the same education, when it works best for you! We have the hands on portion of the program available at many different training locations conveniently in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. We have more located all across Minnesota. Follow the link below for more information on our Online Program.

Online Massage Therapy Program

What Students Want You To Know

PMA Students

"PMA is a short-term program where you could start a career now or later and take with you. Any age is a good age to start. PMA offers a gateway for many opportunities whether it’s your own business or working for a hospital; the door is always open and so is the field."

-Chastity, PMA Student

"What attracted me was how fast you will get through the program. I would recommend PMA because the class sizes are small. You get a lot of one on one if needed. The instructors get straight into the topics we need to learn. There’re not all the extra classes you’d have to take if you went somewhere else." 

-Allie, PMA Student


"I was going into a profession that didn’t have a school that was local and a program that fit what I wanted to do. PMA has a program that fits me, it gets me ready for my career, and is student orientated. PMA is local and has an all around warm welcome that you can’t pass up."

-Chastity, PMA Student


"I was attracted to PMA because it was a massage school so close to home. When I read that you graduate in 5 months that sealed the deal! I would recommend PMA to someone because class sizes are small, and you will get a lot of individual attention. Tuition is affordable and it’s the closest massage school to the city of Saint Cloud."

-Kayla, PMA Student

Massage is the study of anatomy in Braille
— Jack Meager